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Moss. I am a moss fanatic and I am always observing and learning about it. It is a tiny little micro ecosystem! A tiny home for little creatures and life! Currently I am maintaining a self made indoor moss garden, with a little help from sites like Moss Acres, but I would say mine is a lot more bonsai inspired. Which brings me to a good point; I think Bonsai moss should be a more popular hobby, because I just can't find much info on it! Anyway, Here is a nice moss image for you to enjoy (whomever that might be, at this point probably no one!) dew and all!

Today's photo is simply titled "Snowy Path". Taken in the same region as yesterday's photo. The thing I really like about this shot is the bokeh seen in the tree branches in the background. Another cool fact is that the colors seen here are almost identical to what it was like at the time. The sun was setting, and there was a beautiful collage of magenta and blue and orange. I tried to capture it as realistically as possible. Please click for full size!

Today's photo is of the sunset at the reservoir, where my girlfriend Joanne and I go frequently to walk our dogs. It's a very beautiful place when the weather is right. I live in Springfield Ohio, and while the landscape does very much, we have beautiful seasons and weather. Our snow storms can be especially nice.

I used a nice piece of software called Photomatix for all of those who don't know. What it does is produce HDR images. I simply loaded a single RAW file into the software, and while it's not your traditional way of making an HDR photo, I like that the results are subtle.

Small touchups for noise and saturation were done in lightroom.

Oh, I realize the sun is completely blown out. I didn't have any filters, and didn't think to bracket a

This was shot with a Canon EOS 400D and a
Canon EF 28-70mm f/2.8 L series lens.

Hi! This is my very first blog entry. So maybe I can tell you a little of what I am trying to do here! Basically I am an amateur photographer like everyone else out there, and would just like to share my photos for everyone to see! I hope you enjoy them, and please don't steal anything for commercial use or anything like that.

My goal here is to post a single new photo everyday, hopefully without too much effort. I hope you like what you see, and hopefully I will get more used to this blog thing as the days go by!